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About the Company

Established in April 2017, Whaleride Ltd is an EU-registered trademark.
It is an indie-development company that makes computer and mobile games.

Whaleride Ltd is result of hard work 
and the support of Newcastle University.

Whaleride Limited

London, UK

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Director:  Igor Aherne

My name is Igor Aherne and I made Whaleride.

BSc Multimedia Design and Technology (University of Kent),
MSc Computer Games Engineering (Newcastle University).

My main interest are Computer Games – from 3D and texturing, up to coding advanced frameworks.
I also love programming Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) in c++


Learning to create games was a big challenge for me, so now I am providing help to friends that wish to do the same.

Doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, or an intermediate programmer / artist.
I do it for free, so check out my youtube channel if you are interested.

 Making cool games is not impossible 🙂
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