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Spider Planet:  Upcoming Update:
spider planet
We've been reading your requests and are working to implement them. Here are some of the most important ones:

  The ability to see enemy territories: it was tough to play without seeing the enemy territories. With some server data-compression added now, you'll always see them for everyone playing.

  Players now have healthpoints! You'll have more chances to stay alive, but need to hit your enemy several times before they dissappear too!

  Instead of a single projectile, you will now have several choices. Team up and heal your friends while dealing damage and slowing your opponents.

  More towers were added, for a better customization.

  A large boss will walk around the planet. It will destroy towers and be taunted by any player it sees. It has a few abilities in its arsenal: shooting, biting and even jumping-slapping the ground. Grrrr!

spider planet
Stay alive to climb leaderboard! Hunt, survive, dominate the planet!
Online and 3D

Action game for your mobile or tablet
Paint your portion of planet, and consume food from it.
Fire projectiles and eat other players!
Stay alive to climb the live leaderboard, competing against other people 3D and Online

Brave Save
Fight hordes of monsters with your spells, bring the villagers to safety, hurry!

Speed-run game for your mobile or tablet

Play the Knight with different magical abilities, and bring 3 villagers who follow you, to safety.
Be fast and gauge magical abilities you gain, to defeat the vicious monsters and counter their spells!


Brave Save is a game that allows for simple future expansion & improvement, it was built with that in mind.

Camera, character abilities, lighting & decorations …Quite a few things to take care of for an indie-development company like Whaleride 😃

Watch this “Behind The Scenes” video to find out about the tricks used during its development